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Hi Margaret,

How are things going, just got some paperwork from Bryn Mawr about study abroad. Have you heard from Bangor?

You think I wouldn't tell you? Honestly.

When do you think I should pick you up on the Wed. before turkey day? I have mapped out a shunpike route into Bryn Mawr that avoids the surekill expressway. should be interesting. Saw Grandma and Grandpa on Monday and they are really looking forward to seeing everybody. Charlie and I will be there on this coming Monday night to see the McNabbless eagles take on the Niners. could be pretty ugly, but as Grandpa points out we have that all important excuse available and what if we beat them with our second string quarterback? go eagles. love, Dad

It's hard to talk to him and his incomplete sentences. He clearly wants to talk to me, maybe about New Years, but he just can't.

My friends have taken to call me "Miggie." It's a bastardization of a Jeeves and Wooster joke. What ho, Miggie! I said "I like the name 'Maggie May'" and they said "Well, that is unfortunate, because I'm going to call you Miggie."

All we have is bird watching.

2002-11-21, Little things about my dad

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