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Cheap thrills

We were picking out a Monty Python video to watch for the evening. I saw a four tape set labelled "Robots" and shouted ecstatically "Robots! Hot damn!" Upon closer inspection it turned out to be "Roots." My friend teared up laughing about this. I was so excited about "Robots" though.

I was making too much noise in the library, but so was my friend. Afterwards she shouted "We can't take each other anywhere!" and doubled over laughing.

Ariel asked a long time ago which member of Monty Python we'd sleep with. The votes are in here: Eric Idle for me, Terry Jones for my next door neighbor, John Cleese for everyone! I kept asking "Who's that?" when Eric Idle was on screen, and they sighed loudly and cursed a bit (a lot!) and said "Eric Idle." ("Why do you want to sleep with him if you don't know his name?" "I forget your name all the time and I still want to sleep with you." That shut 'er up.)

I was very pleased that the Monty Python involved a "harlot" or "lady of the night" who preferred to be called a "courtesan."

If you let me, I will recount every single little detail of my day. It's a little funny at first and then it's tiresome.

My pants smell funny. One of my classes was cancelled for tomorrow.

Scott kept telling me to hush. My friend said "It's hilarious, because I've heard you much louder."

We have a theory about petting zoos - there is one good animal and then fifty goats. You can apply this theory to orchestras ("One clarinet, and fifty violins.") or bags of tootsie roll pops ("One raspberry pop, and FIFTY cherry.") I'm bitter about tootsie roll pops in this regard.

I'm only killing my own time.

2002-11-20, Killing time

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