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Perhaps this is a sign that I am as emotionally unstable as you all suspect I am, but I definitely got all choked up at an Eagle's Tribute band concert. Oh, sweet jesus! I was so hoping they'd be American, but no! From Yorkshire. I actually really love Yorkshire men.

Anyway, the groundskeeper cancelled on me, and my Irish girlfriend wanted to go to the Student's Union. Off we went, with me having no money. It was really quite fun though, to be ridiculously stone cold sober. Usually I'm bored, because I don't much care for The Lads and they're the only crowd I know who goes to the Union on a Friday.

To amuse ourselves, Charlotte and I played drunk bingo, with me shouting "N4!" and such every time I saw someone who'd had a few too many. We saw people making out while lying down in the middle of the dance floor, swaying, falling down, getting into a fight. It felt like we were watching a nature program. The female displays her mammary glands, while the male engages in aggressive and violent behaviour with his competitors.

On the way home, we passed two women arguing loudly. "Shhh..." one said as we walked by (even though we had heard every word for about 50 meters now) and the other shouted "I don't CARE who hears us!" in a thick, twangy Welsh accent. Charlotte said, softly, "Bingo."

"I'm nice and sober," I said.
"So this means I can't expect you to bang on my door at three in the morning and sleep on my floor and tell me that you love me and that if I were a man you'd marry me?"
"I am so sorry..."


Chaaarlie has a giiiirlfriend! Awww!

Hi Margaret,

Charlie made the honor roll reception and we went last night to see him honored along with his classmates. You would have liked his reception by his friends (especially the girls). The valedictorian this year is a girl whose family immigrated from Poland when she was about 12, Olga. Mr. Lesky introduced her and its clear she is smart and funny (and as Mom will tell you, quite stunning). I think she has been in a lot of the same classes with Chuck.

Anyway, at the end of the event, Charlie and I are walking out and Olga comes up and gives Charlie a big hug and I casually mention that Olga seems like a terrific person whereupon Chuck lets me know that he's taking her to the prom. Duh, when do parents get to know anything.

Anyway, you probably know all this, but if not I know Charlie would want you to know.

I'll keep you posted. love, dad

2003-05-10, Sober

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