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I made a blunder on one of my inventory projects, which means I have to sit down and sort through what I did wrong. I keep flinching whenever I think of it, because I just don't want to do it. It's going to be tiresome, dusty, and annoying work. The thing I don't like about a lot of the library work I do is that it's very physically unappealing. The other day I was shifting books, which I never really enjoy, but I was jostling with a metal shelf. The shelf would NOT fit in the vertical brackets, and my pounding on it didn't help anything except my headache. Finally, all the books on the shelf below tumbled to the ground. It's an awful sound for a library - dropped books - and I was afraid for my toes. Or afeard, if you will, which I certainly won't.

Last night, some of my cousin's acquaintances called - begged me to wake her up, drunkenly asked me to come out instead (uh-huh, no thanks, I ain't a proud woman but they're just ... sleazy). I was so annoyed after a while - they called well past 11:30, and my parents were both in bed. It's so inconsiderate. (This coming from a girl who made many late night sober and drunken phone calls from Wales - but to my credit I didn't call people's parents.) What a bunch of yackasses.

I don't mean to be so whingey. I don't know if I have anything suitably amusing or poignant to relate. It was my birthday a few days ago, and I don't think anyone remembered. I had to prompt one of my friends, and I was annoyed about that mostly because a) I had given her a heads up a few days before and b) I remembered her birthday. I'm generally ok with people forgetting my birthday, because I know I do it. (There are a handful of people whose birthdays I know really well - my family, Gabe's, Sarah's, Steph's, Cheng's, Shan's, and kT's. There are totally shameful omissions from that list, like Scott's, Becca's (vaguely know that it's in Sept.) and Melissa's. This list means nothing to everyone in the world pretty much except for me, but meh!) I think it's hard with people who you meet in college. It never really occurs to me to ask when their birthday is until it's too late. Nevertheless, I kinda felt like I had disappeared into a dryer lint world.

My boss came in the next day and said "Yesterday was your BIRTHDAY! I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY!" and I could have kissed her. I didn't go out boozing or anything, but my parents did give me a bottle of really special wine. At some point I'm going to go buy boozey supplies.

I also cried on my birthday - tears of STRIFE! - in the shower at that, but I got over it. My cousin comforted me, and my brother tried to. I said "You're going to think it's silly, Charlie," and he said "Yes, yes I am!" Ah, what a consoling brother I have.

Alright, I've been on break for nigh on forever. That means it's time to go hide in the stacks!

2003-08-22, I do not, in fact, wish there were 48 hours to each day.

Oh no! Not the Creeping Malaise!

2003-08-16, Run for your life! If you value your life, anyway, which I certainly don't.

A friend at work asked me if he could call me Maggie so that I could be "Maggie P." As in "Yo, yo, Maggie P." I am inordinately pleased by this development.

2003-08-14, tralala

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