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"Why do we like penguins so much?" I squinted a little as I asked.

"Because they're ... so ... cute...!"

"Ah, I'd forgotten."

"Plus the way they walk? I mean, have you seen the way they walk? Mwahaahahahaha, oh, it's rich."

My friend says that my brother makes her wish she'd had a brother. I was so weirdly proud to hear this. He's a charming fellow, if we're going to be honest with each other. (Oh, man, my brother is 6'3" and claims to weigh 150 lbs - he was probably tacking on a few pounds. He weighs 20 lbs less than I do and is eight inches taller than I am. Unreal.) My brother is very cute. That's all we could come up with. I just hold these images of him in my head (the way he ate cheese before dinner was priceless - I think a shovel might have helped the process along nicely) and laugh. It's a little like the penguin thing. It's the way he walks.

(I started freaking out when another friend asked how old my brother was. "Ahhhhh! You cannot date my brother!" I shrieked at the top of my lungs. "He's seventeen! You cannot date my brother!" My brother, he'd make a good boyfriend. But not to my friends! No way. Besides, he's already betrothed to kT and/or Ariel.)

2002-12-02, Blather

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