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She smiled to see me, and turned down the REM playing softly in her office.

"No one is in work today, and when no one is in work I play my rock and roll very loudly." I beamed at her.

She calls me her surrogate Welsh student, and she is my adopted advisor. "I can get students to Bali but I can't get any of them to WALES!" I laughed. I'm so exotic.

Her wisdom of the day was that "no one in Wales will let you sleep on a sidewalk."

A few crises have arisen and have been dealt with. A few panicky moments have come and gone. My father even hugged me once, which is a shock, and admitted that they hadn't helped me much on this at all.

Hopefully this will all work out. I'm hopin' and prayin'. And planning, and getting my shit in order, which is frankly more useful than either hopin' or prayin'. Also, I am relaxing. I'm in pretty good shape.

2003-01-15, departure

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