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This is what I did today, instead of studying for the three hour exam in the class which I OCCASIONALLY ATTENDED AT BEST:

Washed hair.
Attended aerobics (not in that order)
Prepared self for failure, imminent and eminent failure.
Thought about studying but decided would rather lounge naked in bed for an hour.
Thought about how inappropriate the suicide jokes I wanted to make actually were.
Noticed how hot my hair is.
Ate curry (times two!)
Realized that I wasn't going to make any progress at this date anyway, and might as well resume lounging.

As you can see, I'm going to die. A hideous painful death of Failure on my single exam that counts for the whole term. Hahahah, hahahahahaha, ha... fuck.

2003-05-15, It's been grand, really

Jessie says I should go back to G. Britain for my masters. I am sorely tempted, indeed.

2003-05-15, And we know I do what Jessie says.

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