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He didn't call last night cause his friend decided to test if the burner was still hot with the palm of her hand. He was on hospital duty.

Today was nice. I feel like a very clever daughter - I have secured a very special birthday present for my mother. And a good girlfriend. Is that what I am? A firlgriend. Oh, sure, what the hell. Needless to say I am pleased with myself. You know, as is my wont.

This guy, he's not exactly the anti-Margaret, but he is often very un-Margaret. Therefore, I was dying, (I mean, dying) when I had him going for a while that "colors were illegal" in New York City. I think I kept a straight face up until I started going on about the fashion police.

P.S. Call me. If you love me, you'll call.

2003-02-05, smells like burning

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