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Oh Jesus, some people here are so good to me, and I feel their love arching over me and keeping me safe. They clasp me to their sweet smelling bosom and nothing bad can happen to me.

2003-05-29, I need them, too

You must explay ay ay hain why this must be.

Do you know those smooshy plastic-rubber faces that you put on your fingers and then contort into various scary, amusing, but mostly scary faces? Sue got one in Conwy, and proceeded to:

1. Make out with it.
2. Have it eat my hair.
3. Wrap up her hand in a yellow bag so that you couldn't see her hand.
4. Practice her ventriloquism.
5. Pierce a uni-nostril in its nose.
6. Have it announce that it "defies names."
7. Had it make all manner of suggestive and rude comments.

I have a great picture of her communing with the Head of Creepiness.

2003-05-29, Do do do do

well your precious contacts did not respond to me, and i'm beginning to hear the faint evil whisper of Stop&shop. Dad said that perhaps you should send them an email and explain my predicament and need of a job. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate the favor from my favorite big sis. Please don't banish me to the hellish world of triple coupons and bitter senior citizens. Anywho i suppose mom and dad in their excitement have told you that i am going to the prom with olga. Its true, yes i think she has characteristics some would define as purdy and yes she is valedictorian and clearly an intelligent, charming, and wonderful person. I might even develop some balls and ask her out after the prom and whatnot, but don't start blurting that we're goin out to everyone, because that is yet to be the case. Just keep your fingers crossed. I'd love to stay and chat even further but i have an unbelievably amount of work to do, the teachers don't seem to realize we're second semester seniors. good luck on finals.


2003-05-28, Another bitter email from my brother

I called up Steph, and the first words out of her mouth were "ANASSA KETA KELO KELAY..." I joined in at the top of my lungs.

The halls of Reichel rang with our delight.

2003-05-28, Done is doubleplusgood

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