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Stuff I gotta do this week while my parents are out of town:

1. Go shopping.

Eggs, wasa bread, soybeans, vegetables, fruits, cheese, bran flakes, all-natural peanut butter, olives. Don't buy (we already have): Milk. Consult recipe books for more elaborate ideas.

2. Vacuum house. Throw out clutter. Organize drawers.

3. Work out.

4. Join weight watchers (!)

5. Unwind. Sleep.

6. Bake some bread.

7. Enjoy the empty house. Have friends over. Cook for said friends. Feed them bread.

8. Patrol the garden. Water the garden. Pile up rocks in the holes where the woodchuck keeps getting in. Harvest beans, tomatoes, basil, flowers, etc.

9. Be frugal. Don't spend any money except on food.

10. Read. Fight the prime time. Lounge in the air-conditioned room, on the big bed, with book held in the air like a baby playing airplane.

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