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I don't really understand my freakish body. I did not eat or exercise well these past two weeks, and it's still dropping weight. I beginning to think I'm diseased. I hate to complain about this, because part of me doesn't really like talking about my weight (or loss thereof) and it sounds like a tacky thing to say - "I ate lots and lots of terrible food and lost weight!" but it is still weird and freakish. I sort of wish my body had been like this earlier. I'm going to finish what I started, but the past two weeks weren't the best in terms of healthful food. My freakish body is sending the wrong signals.

I really do sound diseased, though, don't I? Rapid loss of weight. What with my hair falling out, and all. Maybe I have a tape worm. Or thyroid issues. "Maybe it's a tumor."

You want to know something uncomfortable? I know more about this one man's sex life than I would really care, and I see him around campus and can't help but think about it. It's rather unpleasant. I don't know him, either, but he says hello to me in an inimitably creepy fashion.

That is all.

2002-12-06, Love, marge

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