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I wanted to go to St. Davids, to Pembrokeshire, to Laugharne, to Aberdaron, to Bardsey Island, to Beddgelert, to Tintern Abbey, to Swansea, to Dolgellau, to everywhere in between. But it doesn't look like it will happen (Oh how I wanted to see St. Davids...).

I have my parents, though, which is fun and weird. Travelling with them is a bit difficult, to put it kindly. Everyone gets on everyone else's nerves and everyone snaps at everyone else for being strung out.

I feel hideously responsible for everything, which is probably unfair - I have only been to one proper restaurant in town and my parents vetoed it immediately (Italian). I personally prefer to travel on a stricter budget than my wild spendthrift parents (cough, mother). I feel more comfortable eating out of supermarkets and cafe type places rather than eating at a pub. I prefer hostels to B&B's, generally.

We're all going to kill each other, probably.

It's strange to hear about the atmosphere in America. I feel very out of touch.

2003-04-12, Travelling with my family

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