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I am amazed at how incredibly political the classroom is. We sit in this classroom (learning Welsh), and I can't quite tell what grade it's for, but there are articles pasted to the walls about torture, about hunger, about child labor. Never, at any point in my grade school or highschool career were the walls decorated with pictures of human suffering.

I talked to my best friend last night, who thought that it's not such a bad thing to be frustrated (and neither do I, really - it's almost a sort of satisfying feeling) but does think it's a strange and weird and inexcusable thing to never have read fiction.

I am very aware of my shortcomings as a participant in the modern world. And when I change this it will be sudden and violent. Patience, just a little patience.

Last night was frustrating but I hope he sticks around. Lord Above.

"I'm not finished," I exclaimed at one point. "What?" "I'm... not... finished!"

My best friend is trying to convince me to move to Canada. She talks about graduating early, which makes me sad, but now I can utterly understand why she would want to. A year ago, I would have argued with her, but I sympathize - not just acquiesce, sympathize. Her friends have transferred or callously gone abroad, and she sounds lonely, and the school is stressful and honestly sometimes I don't know how much I've gotten out of it. She doesn't like school, anyway, we've established this in the past. I see why.

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