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I got nothing.

Well, maybe.

This weekend involved:

Watching Bush, the PM of Spain, and Blair on the television.

Lighter things: drunken poker games (I won often enough!), walks about town, up hills, along the beach, through mud, gathering of mussels which we ATE, eating of ice cream, taking of pictures, reading of Welsh novels, chattering with Melissa online. No sex! But a good weekend regardless.

Now I'm all clean hair, red sweater, and pretty skirt, post-workout euphoric.

Charlotte bought me carnations because she blew off the Welsh class (again) even though she had promised ("Now, not a Charlotte promise?") she wouldn't. She bought me red ones. I was so fucking touched. I chopped up my bottles empty of their concentrated juice in order to make vases.

And I'm not reading The Board because it takes me about two weeks to read responses to things I am even moderately uncomfortable about posting. Maybe not. But close enough. I have to peek through my hands and close one eye. Then I relax a bit. It's an old habit, and it dies hard.

Gotta go take care of Laundry.

Oh, Sarita, friend most beloved is coming up. One whole day, two half days. I'm lucky. Plus I get to do wonderful touristy things with her.

Incidentally, I really do fuck up sometimes. I am so fucking ashamed of some things I have done. Oh, Holy Hell! So we are on high alert for the Avoidance of Shit Behavior on my part right now. I don't want to disappoint myself any further. While I do behave like an ass on occasion, I try fucking hard to redeem myself eventually.

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