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Tomorrow at three am I will leave this house and finish when I am in London. Should be fun. Dunno what else to say. I always make a big deal of everything, and maybe that could get on your nerves. It shouldn't, really. Move along. Nothin' to see here. Trips within the developed world, I'm so passe.

My cat is on my lap. He is large and fills my lap. I am monitoring his reaction to the music. Gene, he barely moved. The Vines, his ears moved and he shifted his little legs. I am listening to MissyMusic.

Do you think you can twain your heart and still function? I rather doubt it. I tried to picture a chain a mile long with a human heart hanging from each link. It'd get rather bloody and grass would stick to each heart if you tried to drag it anywhere.

I'm looking forward to the train ride, and the exit of the train. That's all I have to say right now.

2003-01-17, Right now

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