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"But I'm wild about you!"

"You poor thing..."

But now I realize he was wrong. It is not poor me, surprisingly. Rather it is a dreamy, happy, at ease, friendly, relaxed me. Weird, yeah, but that's to be expected. No, no, not poor me! Lovely me.


Have you looked up the adjective weird in the OED lately? Here we go: Out of the ordinary course, strange, unusual; hence, odd, fantastic. Marvellous in a strange or eccentric way; both remarkable and peculiar or unfathomable; exotic, outlandish. (Freq. ironical or derog.) Partaking of or suggestive of the supernatural; of a mysterious or unearthly character; unaccountably or uncomfortably strange; uncanny. Claiming the supernatural power of dealing with fate or destiny.

That's me. Charmed, even. I often believe it's the truth. In my mildly ironic and self deprecating way, of course.


I am a proud, proud woman.

This place confirms that almost daily. Furthermore, it confirms the very valid reasons I have to be proud.

2003-02-10, poor me

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