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I am your clown

"Margaret sure knows how to clear a room."

It’s true. I start to do my fetal position dance (basically the only thing, besides the Gingerbread dance, I carried away with me from my Modern classes). Anyway, no one really sticks around when I fire up the fetal position dance. What, what, it's classy?

I made the girls crack up laughing tonight. I like it when this happens. Sometimes they make me laugh so hard that I literally end up on my knees. Actually, this happens a lot. I was talking to them about my chastity jewelry idea. Baby, I am full of good ideas. "What, you’re married to the moon? You’re barren, cold, frigid?" "Yup!" "Margaret." They rolled their eyes. I laughed like a maniac.

The girls do this thing where they pretend to be your professor who is meeting with you. They murmur "Hm, yes, very interesting, no, I see where you’re going, this is a very good start…" and then shout "FAIL!" Sometimes with me they say "Oh, no, I understand, yes, that is a very reasonable thing, yes, I see… CRAZY!"

The other day at lunch, they said I would have to go to level of Hell with the bad popes, with my head stuck in the ground and my dresses falling down past my ankles because Satan wouldn’t be able to look at my beaming face. He’d stick my head in the ground. These are the reasons I make a really terrible badass.

Later I claimed that I "read" about the bad popes, but really my friend had told me about them. Sweet, sweet senility.

My mom bought me warm winter clothes when she came to visit last weekend, and kept saying "You'll need warm clothes for when you go to Wales!" What I didn't say was that I wish, most fervently, for a nice Welsh boy to keep me warm instead. We all know this is probably not going to happen. We all wish this would, though.

I miss my most serious friends. They've all gone away, and I feel like I am rather quickly becoming the most rediculous human being. I miss our late night poetry readings, our funny and serious talks, our solemn advice, the way we cared for each other. Ours wasn't a day to day friendship, but it was still a good one.

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