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Argue argue

We have four arguments a day and maybe it isn't so important but they're exhausting and neither of us really cares much anymore. I guess I'm heartened by the fact that we laugh and jest.

Earlier today she was saying that her pants felt really warm, and we all made lewd jokes. At dinner, she was pressing her two mugs of tea onto her arms and her face. I said "I know what can keep you warm" and grinned at her, again lewdly. She squealed, because we are girls and that is what we do, and said "You are a sick sick sick monster." We laughed. We laugh a lot.

The Others asked what was so funny, and I just smiled sweetly. My friend laughed, and said "She is all bouncy and grinny now and I just called her a sick monster, who's gonna believe me?"

Oh man, though, the arguments are draining. Children's literature (as another friend said, "she's baiting a bear"), recycling, public planning, organic food, hunger. I think she's just a nut and hasn't thought things through enough. I think she's a misguided environmentalist, humanitarian, etc. I mean, I love her, and dearly, but ugh. I feel like we should be on the same side, I mean, we are, we just want to go about it different ways.

I know she thinks I'm a consumer whore. And that I pay too much for everything. And that I'm a wild spendthrift. God, I'm not.

It isn't that I think I'm right. It's that I think she's wrong.

2002-09-15, I am petty

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