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I am relaxing a bit. Slowing and thinking, even. It feels good. I am a slow, calm happy.

Here are the people:

Laurie is cheerful and happy, a climber, goofy and sweet and talkative. I like her a lot, but she's just an acquaintance.

Emma is serious and outdoorsey, I thought she was somewhat cold at first but I changed my mind - she has a slow, funny sense of humor. We crack lame science-y jokes.

Charlotte is lovely. She's quirky and sweet and thoughtful and has a lot of love in her. She has a beautiful boyfriend who adores her. She isn't taken as seriously as she deserves to be. I am going to hang onto her.

Gareth is her best friend. He invited me out to the walking club, so I am eternally indebted to him and will give him my firstborn child and so forth. He is an incorrigible gossip, though.

David is Welsh, looks like my brother, and drinks an awful lot. I wave to him from my window.

Mike's American accent is better than mine. He's beautiful and good. I want to get to know him better.

James talks to me constantly about war, about military history, about the current situation with Iraq, about politics. I give him love advice. (There's something so wrong about that.)

James (2) is an excellent dancer, and very nice to me. He teases my pseudo-intellectual vocabulary.

I slept with John. He was wild about me for a week. He's a very interesting man. He says often that he finds me fascinating.

Mark is a huge Malaysian boy, who thinks that history is "facts and dates" and will be surely displeased to find out next semester when he starts his history course that this is not the case. He has a beautiful smile.

Jen lives below me, and sometimes starts singing when no one is watching.

Emyr has a beautiful Welsh sense of humor and he's good with kids. I am fond of him.

Susan loves The Hulk. She has a clean, friendly soul. Her boyfriend is nice, too.

Sian is sharp as a whip, ambitious, and fucking rocks. I need to spend more time with her. She sees very clearly.

Danny is attractive but sleazy. I guess I'm flattered by the attention (?). I don't trust him, though. Sugar sugar sugar, that man is bad.

Jenny & Sally are in lust with each other. They're trying to convince me to play for the other team. Jenny sails, Sally rides horses. They're good hearted.

Claire is beeeeeautiful - a grandmother who looks to be in her early 40s, a firecracker in class who rolls her eyes at sentimentalism about theology, who talks to me fondly about North America. She's a keeper.

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