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I feel all kinds of sick. Too much alcohol, not nearly enough exercise, too many chips. Let's take care of my body!

Steph is here, and we have been having hilarious hijinks! Mostly I dragged her on a death march in good Patton tradition, despite her inadequate footwear. (Not that I didn't try to warn her: "Oh, no, I want to go hiking!" "But you only have sneakers." "I CAME HERE TO HIKE!" So hike we did, bitch!) I was too fast for her on the so-called mountain we climbed. She was not amused.

We went out to the pub last night and there was much inappropriate rapping (if reciting Baby Got Back counts...) and phone calling of Scott ("Hahaha, we are drunk, we love you, happy flower day." He better love it. Uh.) when we returned to my room. We stumbled home... in the mood for love!

Basically, the two of us have done nothing but EAT EAT EAT! We had a fucking feast last night, and when we finished we were both STILL HUNGRY. She declared my porkchops better than her parents! And she made homemade chips. Damn.

We're a little bit like a married couple.

Only without any sex.

Though we did talk about lesbianism.

Oh! And hit each other with our brassieres. It's almost a bra dance!

Huh, wow, okay!

2003-03-01, Okay!

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