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Observations Of Late.

Roman brothels had stone pillows. Another reason to want to be a puella mobilis, a puella docta, rather than a Roman she-wolf hooker.

Gemma is a very British name, but it strikes me as an unfortunate one because it makes me think of hookers. Reckon is a very Commonwealth word. I like it. So are the words fancy and nice. I have picked up nice and use it quite often.

Scooters will not brake for you. Cars will. Charlie and I saw a moto-ninja toy in the train station - ninja on a scooter.

I have lost my sex appeal, all of it. Actually its probably just that I have not washed any of my clothes for two weeks and sneeze into my cheerfully named Snot Rag every other minute.

We are always amused by ancient WCs, no matter how old we are. Just mention the communal sponge on a stick and watch the giggles. My mother, however, was not up for the Roman erotica at the Naples museum. They had winged penis wind chimes. I was duly delighted. My mother is a bit of a prude. Ah, penis birds.

Little girls are delighted by my American-ness, and sing songs for me and ask me which football squad I support (I always end up saying Manchester United, which isnt true - theyre like the Yankees of British football and I could not support a team like that - but its the only one I know of. And at least they have a Welsh player.) Everyone else tries to practice their English on me, usually.

Vongole, clams, and pasta are nice. I had an argula, pear, and parmesan salad the other day. Bufalo mozzarella is nice. I had a tomato, bufalo mozarella, parmesan and arugla pizza in Naples that was died and gone to heaven good. The cappucino-croissant breakfast is nice too.

2003-04-27, observations

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