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Elizabeth I competed in the 1976 summer Olympics

"I am going to go read poetry and clean my room, perhaps not in this order," I declared triumphantly when I got back from the library this evening.

Oh, none of these things happened.

It was a night of massive hilarity. We took black and white (digital) photos of each other trying to look like existentialists. But why? Life is nothing. We played more nintendo, and my next door neighbor invented an elaborate theological backdrop to Super Mario Brothers. Why Italian? Why plumbers? Why is the giant mushroom head haunting my dreams? I think the mushroom head is a back-stabbing courtier to the ineffectual puppet kings, my friend thinks he's some sort of perverted god.

Mostly they just drank and played video games. I rolled on the ground laughing hysterically and said "I am just like John the Baptist, I am drunk on the Holy Spirit!" My friend gave me a withering look, "Yes. Yes. You are just like John the Baptist. Are you high?" I was not in the least. Oh, fast times.

Today also included rides in shopping carts. I never laugh so hard as when I'm at school.

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