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Well, now that I've traumatised you all, I HAVE A NEW LOVE INTEREST! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, not really. I sure am glad I refrained from sending Charlotte a message saying "I'd do 'im"

Texts from Charlotte of late (for posterity):

"Hey honey, I miss you." Oh yeah, we totally act like a couple.
"I have the house to myself and the new white stripes album. Oh how the walls are vibrating!"
"It's like trash (The indie night) has come to my room! It just needs you to dance with, then it'd be perfect."
"Wake up all of Bangor! Dance round the corridors! I was bouncing like a bunny on steroids but the floorboards nearly gave way, so now going for some Kate Bush style moves to something a tiny bit more chilled. P.S. I was talking to someone today who thinks you're really cool!"
"He's hanging around til you get lonely and will talk to him. He wants to be your special friend! Eeeeeugggghhhh! He kept talking about you and saying bands he'd found which he thought you'd like."
At this point I asked him to marry me. You know, for citizenship.
"I asked him and he sent this - "Well I would but I want to marry for love, rather than so you can have a friend! She is lovely though, but it's maybe too early for marriage!""


Just kidding.

2003-04-16, NEXT!

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