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"Do do do do do do do...
Do do do do do do do..."
(Think: "Ballet!? I love the ballet!")
"You should! You're lovely and one of the most intelligent and evolved life forms I know!"
"I expect lots of drunken messages."
"Thanks sweety. At least someone does! Say hi to everyone for me. I love you too."
"I think one of the birds we saw was a redpoll."
"The one with a little see hat. Can't remember what the other one looked like."
"Think of it as a learning experience, or as a horror story to tell your kids to make them behave! You'll be fine, honest. If you're quite quiet and don't tell them anything they can judge you. They're not allowed to anyway."
"P.S. Thank you for the letter, you're the sweetest and crazy."

2003-04-10, Messages from charlotte

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