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So, I was thinking for a while not to talk much about anything in case nothing happened, and nothing may still happen, and everything may well fizzle out. But then I thought, what the fuck, I wouldn't be myself if I was exercising restraint. It ain't my style. But okay, maybe just a bit would be prudent. Does this turn up in search engines? Why yes, yes it does.

Sarah thinks I'm a maenad "without the tearing to pieces" business. You know what Maenads are? Ariel does. Look 'em up! Kinda sounds about right. So now, your favorite little baccante has to quit drinking for a while. Ay, God, sometimes I'm a bit insecure and I hate that.

Maenads play football with the heads of men! Okay. I swear, I'm not that kind of maenad.

2003-01-31, maenad

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