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In other news, I have dyed my hair and it is glorious. It is the color of honey made from orange blossoms. My own hair has a kind of sandy, grey quality to it, and now it has this lush, golden tone. I am in love with my hair color.

I am as shallow as I sound.

Oh, and I'm secretly tired of having to convince people that I'm not shallow. In the least. We know I'm not. I'm allowed my un-deep, down days. Alright?

Sarah sent this in an email: "Have learned much about Sicily, Magna Grecia, myself, and my pointless existence. Spent last night on a ferry boat, quivering with fear of sea monsters while others laughed and poked fun. Mostly in a kind way." Sarah sends the funniest emails, but you have to be in touch with her semi-irreverent (And oh, it's only semi-irreverent) style to find them amusing.

Damn, though, my hair looks good.

2003-03-09, la te da

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