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I am going back where it is cold. To the dusty old house on the hill where I grew up. To the town I love, to the river, to the home. I am going home. Sing a song of small joys on rainy days, sing a song of gladdened hearts, sing a song for me. I am going home, to where the leaves change colors, to where the nights are cold and the cats are warm and the parents are drunk and unhappy. I am going home to where I became myself, I am going home to the highways and litter.

Sing a song, sing a paean for Athena, sing for me. Sing for nostalgia and for hope. My love, my love is coming home thinks my red house. Its clapboards glow a shade of dusty red. My love, my love is coming, thinks my cat. His fur is dense with humidity. My daughter is coming, thinks my father, my daughter beloved among all women. My love, I say, my love, I will be home soon. I am coming, I am coming, with myrrh between my breasts, with love in my eyes.

2002-10-11, Home

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