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So, I spent today mostly trying to excentuate my youth and vivacity (Ah, a scholarly article I read said that men find women who are "sprightly of gait" attractive) in order to market myself better as fertile and fecund. This is all the better to attract mates, so that I can ensure that my genes don't end with me by getting promises of economic support of my future children. As well as children themselves.

Perhaps I should give the evolutionary psychology readers a break, meh - perhaps not.

It does utterly fascinate me the way that men carry on about their prospective wealth, their intelligence, their capacity to be loyal, their kindness. They'll stick around, they tell me (I tend not to entirely believe them). They'll finance the raising of a baby with me (implied). They may be feigning it to get me into bed, and they probably are, but it's still fascinating that they feel this is the kind of stuff they need to tell women.

Do do do do do do.

I love that when I read theory, I think I got everything figured out about everyone. Makes for a fabulously charming me.

I have had some bad music cravings lately - The Smiths, The Corrs, Beastie Boys, U2 albums I didn't bring with me, Pixies. Woe.

2003-03-31, do do do do do

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