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I really love somewhat corrupt women.

2003-05-27, Too much Henry Miller? No such thing here, honey

First you make a baby.
Mixin' up a cake,
Put it in the oven.
Dust a little.
Make another baby
Vacuum! Vacuum!
Make another cake...

The Belgian variation:

First you make a baby
Then you put it in the oven

2003-05-26, The Woman Dance

I loved having Sue here. I love frank, open, accepting women. I love that she makes me laugh. I love that she isn't dull, which most people here really are. I to dullness do not incline, no no no no no not I. Goddamn. Even if it's frustrating and exhausting sometimes to play tourist, it's so much fun.

I don't even know how to describe my time with her, except as a relief.

She's wonderful to talk about love and sex with. We work on the same wavelength. I'm glad she was here.

She even listened to Under Milk Wood with me.

2003-05-26, amor

When I think long and hard about it, I don't think Bruce Willis is dead. And the year is 1999!

I kissed a girl last night, but I don't remember how it was enough to report on girl kissage. I regret drinking so much, mostly because I was too drunk to enjoy the night and the company (though Charlotte was tired). Anyway, that is my exciting night of miniskirtage. I opted for a line from 1984 on my shirt - "It is not easy to become sane." No one got it.

2003-05-23, I have strange bruises and I don't know where they came from

Tonight I'm wearing a red miniskirt and a white cut up tank top. (No one calls them wifebeaters here.) Also docs and fishnets. I tried it on the other night and Charlotte was just like "You look so ... cool." And how!

My academic career at Bangor has come to a close. I thought I'd feel more, or perhaps it's that I was expecting a parade and got none, but I'm a bit nonplussed. Nevertheless I have about two weeks and change with absolutely. nothing. to do. I think I'll either get into a lot of trouble... or read Ivanhoe. Ladie's choice. The free time spreading forward from me feels downright luxurious, like real fur or fine chocolates. It's time I can sink my teeth into. It's time I can roll around naked in.

This is the first time I've had nothing to do in several years, and I intend to savor it like nobody's business. I could have gone home early and started making money, but instead I'm going to just stay here and spend money I haven't got. Hot damn!

2003-05-22, I will look very very cool

I'm having an amazing hair day. Silky, soft, well mannered, straight but curled at the bottom, LOVELY HAIR!

I just thought you should know.

2003-05-22, It's hott

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