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I'm tired of people telling me they think they know what I am, and who I am. I know myself. I know my self. I know, furthermore, that my behavior is a reflection of myself, but it is not me.

No, I know myself. Or at least, you don't know my self better than I do, you little prick. (What makes you think you aren't imperialist and arrogant? Why is it just me who is arrogant? Do you realize the way you mispronounce Welsh placenames? Do you realize the way you make no effort to see the Welsh point of view? And do you realize how egregiously you mispronounce the foreign words adopted into English? I'm an arrogant American? Blow me.)

In other news, last night was lovely. Ireland, Yorkshire, America, and Wales - we had a lovely time listening to each other's accents and described local treats like the subtleties of fresh chips, deep fried Mars bars and Yorkshire scones. In a beautiful Yorkshire accent, I was told that "in all fairness you jumped at EVERYTHING!" while watching The Ring. "I thought you were going to have an epileptic fit!" I ate lots of bizarre British gummy candies, until I got ill, and listened to the gossip. We talked about movies. Damn. It was so very nice.

Also, by accident, I overheard that my dinner was "beautiful." Awww... Cooks love praise. My father sits around and fishes for compliments - "Nice chicken, huh?" I just ask nervously "Is it okay? Is it okay? Is it okay?"

2003-02-16, fishing

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