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Do you ever think that if you met yourself at a party, you wouldn't be able to stand your guts? This is kinda how I feel right now. I feel so crass and vacuous. I'm getting on my nerves. I miss feeling real, and connected, and well rooted, and unironic.

Commence self flagellation.

That can't possibly be the right way to go about things, can it? Read more, read well, take time off from people, be a hermit and a recluse, be alone, write in your journal, stop complaining, stop whinging, go for walks, go running, soothe your fever'd brow, read carefully and laboriously, take pictures, thank your body, thank your mind, eat a pomegranate..

I need to be rooted in one dear perpetual place.

I need something to put in my tear drop locket. One half is full, the other half is empty. My friend suggestions include pictures of bums (but it would mean cutting up one of my favorite postcards). One of my friends had a picture of her Grandma and her deceased gerbil in her locket. Oh, you best believe we laughed about that.

I'm thinking the eye of God would work well.

2002-11-22, Fever'd

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