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What, it's not like you want to hear about Saint David, or all the men I've (not!) been picking up, or the fact that I spent all my laundry money on beer last night. (I had, because my bank sucks, 2 pounds in change to my name. Laundry... beer... laundry... beer...) Yeah, yeah. So I'm going to complain about my bank now.

Okay maybe not. Do ya wanna hear about St. David? Apparently some old chieftain sent him a whole flock of naked women to tempt his pure and chaste self. You have to watch out for those chieftans.

I've been boring. Oh! But I'm going to Italy! Yr Eidal! That isn't boring.

In Welsh class, we learned how to ask questions using possessive constructions - like "What's the color of your car?" and "What's the work of your brother?" We learned the word for size - so we could ask "What's the size of your feet?" I liked listening to people ask "What's the size of your house?" and then the whole class giggled like a bunch of 13 year olds if someone answered that they lived in a ty (house) bach (small), idomatic for outhouse. It was like when the Welsh tutors last summer giggled away as everyone read the stories they wrote about the little house on the prairie. Tee hee hee, ty bach!

Why is learning a language such a funny business? My class sits around and giggles all through the two otherwise exhausting hours. Too cute for words.

2003-04-04, yr eidal

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