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My imaginary lover is based on a real man, whom I imagine to be a keeper, whose memory keeps me from behaving poorly and going home with any old guy when I don't see him around. He is my favourite of my thousand lonely husbands.

Oh men from the lonely towns along the sea shore, come up into the hills and sleep with me in beds of heather. We'll steal blankets from the sheep and bed down under the bright moon. I'll be your cosy love, your easy as easy. You will tell me of seas gliding with swans and you will sing to me like the barking seal. I will laugh like the bird songs, variation on a theme of lightness and mirth. My brittle golden hair will get tangled in the sage-smelling flowers, around the chain and hinge of my locket, and around your teeth as well.

2003-03-16, Easy as easy

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