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I heard barking. I saw the dogs clawing at the apple tree, down the drumlin. I sneered. Dobermans. For a moment I did nothing, but then I opened the door and walked onto the porch.

There, I unleashed a shriek. I echoed in the hilltops, I filled the vault of the sky with my voice. Shrill and piercing, terrifying and beautiful. I thought of nothing but filling the world with my voice.

"Go away!" I shouted. The dogs stopped. They stared at me. I stood up on the porch, at the top of the hill, and they stared up at me. My scream echoed. It was a long minute. Cold rushed in around my bare feet. I stared at them, I drew myself up. Then they turned, without a noise, and loped away.

2002-12-28, dobermans

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