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Last night I tumbled in to the bed of a boyfriend I like a fair amount but my affection isn't entirely returned. We made out for a while. We did try to watch Wickerman. Then he kicked me out, saying something about another girlfriend. Well, alright. I didn't know this time, for once. I'm also not sure if I believe him.

All told, I've really not had the best luck. The ones who lust and sometimes love after me the most are Groundskeepers, Peruvian probably pickpockets, in relationships, and in Georgia. Or some combination of the above. Oh well. I will carry on. The groundskeeper is the most immediately promising. He better not be married. I find myself daydreaming about him. Oh he was so happy to see me the other day. I've never been so attracted to someone who very much returns the favor. I hope he has a beautiful sou-el. Or at least a mildly untarnished one.

James loves me so, and tells me to keep myself safe. I love him too. Of the much advice I have received, I like his best.

There's one guy who would be really good for me, I like to think. Probably so much better than the groundskeeper. But a) I can't quite tell if he's interested and b) I could spend a lot of time with him and I don't have a lot of time anymore. His sou-el is more than untarnished.

Last night I also tumbled onto the dormitory floor.


2003-05-03, too classy for you

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