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8 days until CHARLIE! Until my beloved brother shows up! I'm already trying to scheme up ways of taking him out to pubs without the parents around. Ah, my life goal is to have him for my drinking partner.

My inner fratboy is sitting around in my head, downing pints, chanting "CharLIE, charLIE." 8 days! How will I bear the rampant anticipation? By focusing on my now rampant homework? Nah... ChawwwrLIE!

One of my fondest memories of the Chuckster (and yes, I call him the Chuckster on a regular basis) is eating hor d'oeuvres with him. He shovelled them into his mouth using both hands. Me and Sarah sat there watching him, feeling some emotion inbetween delighted and aghast.

He's kinda like a puppy dog, only human. And six foot three. And droll and sarcastic.

2003-04-04, CharLIE charLIE charLIE

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