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"If you could go anywhere on earth where would you go?" Random.
"Girl, what are you like? I see I need to teach you how to play hard to get, in the words of mallrats "why buy the cow when you can have the sex for free?" Don't be sad, you're gorgeous and funny and clever, hell, I'd marry you! I'll be back monday then we can go fuck some people up!" I love mallrats. Also, would marry her.
"What did you say!? Make him take you to a really expensive restaurant!!"
"Yay! How old is he?"
"Could be good for you. Older men usually less of bastards."
"Do you know any gorgeous single girls who might like kieran?" I replied: "Other than me? Yes, in the States."

I must have deleted the Alice in Wonderland she sent me the other night, out of nowhere. Le sigh.

As you can see, I am chortling in my joy about the lovely grizzled groundskeeper asking me out and pouring out my sou-el after bizarre bizarre nights of horrifying doubt and crippling sadness (board induced). Of course, there my response takes an arrogant, snotty, 13 year old approach. Charmed, I'm sure. But to Charlotte and the Strength of God I have been writing angsty angsty 13 year old letters. Quick: describe your pain in 100 characters or less! "Well, it is like unto the green slime that forms on the top of lakes in the wretched summertime."

2003-05-03, The Charchive (con't)

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