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God bless him

hey, its your adorable loving brother! I think dad already sent you an email but in case you didn't know i got into franklin&marshall, lewis&clark, and Colby. The thing is if i go to Colby i would spend the first semester in Dijon, France. Dad has already commenced the annoying mustard jokes and nerve racking french cliche's. I'm really torn between colby and franklin&marshall. The whole france thing caught me way off guard, i'm not sure whether thats where i wanna go when i study abroad, i'd rather have a choice, and it'd be two huge transitions going away from home to outside of the country and then back to colby where i don't know anyone. But on the other hand it could be an excellent oppurtunity. As you can tell i'm expecting some sage advice coming back from you relatively soon. As for other matters, Dad wanted to tell me that its baseball opening day, although i wonder how good the baseball coverage is in Wales, anyway. I've finally gotten to making those mixes of beastie boys and my favorite rap you asked for a while ago, i'll just give em to you when i see you. I'll see ya soon.

2003-03-31, I love my brother

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