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I'm glad I'm so flippant about the dangerous situations I let myself get into. Aren't you? I know, I know.

But it is funny, you know, that even though I'm concerned (oh, and I am) when I'm talking to Charlotte about my night, my mouth twitches. It reminds me of reading somewhere that chimps grin when they're frightened. I always laugh when I'm scared and uncomfortable. It's not exactly the most charming habit.

But anyway. Since there's no way of knowing what happened, we'll just assume it wasn't that bad. And that I undressed myself. Dear Lord, let me have undressed myself. And we will avoid letting ourselves get into those dangerous situations again.

Got a lovely letter from James, which made my day. Ate a huge amount of vegetables, which also made my day and made me feel better. Sometimes I crave spinach. I also bought lots of vegetarian pretend meat. On my list of things to try: Glamorgan sausages. I totally want to try laver bread, too. Fried seaweed and bacon and oats! Served on toast!

I feel like I'm forgetting how to spell.

2003-03-25, i never know what to write here

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