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I realized that these are probably the more appropriate lyrics (but since when am I appropriate when I'm weeping?) This song is somewhat campy sounding, but I long long long so much, already.

Everytime I see someone and tell them that she's left, I weep some more.

I want to be the one to leave, not the one to be left. I hate being the one left behind. I hate it. I weep and cry and cry and cannot function because I miss her so badly, already, so stupidly and completely and I know I'll see her again, I trust, I hope, I cannot handle this. I love her so fucking much, I love so much, I miss and long and hurt so badly. I hate to be the last one to leave. I hate being left. I need her every day and I only got her for four months. I wish I could contract her to me, I know I don't, I just love her so much. I will cry myself sick.


Now that mountains of meaningless words
and oceans divide us
And we each have our own set of stars
to comfort and guide us
Come into my sleep
Dry your eyes and do not weep
Come into my sleep

Swim to me through the deep blue sea
upon the scattered stars set sail
Fly to me through this love-lit night
from one thousand miles away
And come into my sleep
Come into my sleep oh yeah
As midnight nears and shadows creep
Come into my sleep

Bind my dreams up in your tangled hair
For I am sick at heart, my dear
Bind my dreams up in your tangled hair
For all the sorrow it will pass, my dear

Take your accusation, your recriminations
and toss them into the ocean blue
Leave your regrets and impossible longings
and scatter them across the sky behind you
And come into my sleep
For my soul to comfort and keep
Come into my sleep

(It's lyric poetry and it brings me comfort.)

2002-12-18, crycrycry

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