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Here are the things that could go wrong:

1. They do not accept me because of my academic record.

Not entirely likely, my record is fine. Furthermore, it almost doesn't matter much - I am cash. money. to this school and they know it. My school will pay my tuition in full. They see my application form with dollar (or pounds, sterling?) signs plastered all over it and I know it and they know it.

2. They do not accept me because I forgot part of the application.

Oh, and I believe I did. Well, I can't really know because I got two slightly different application forms (one before the other) and only filled out one. I hope they won't mind.

3. They do not accept me because I got the application in too late.

Likely, I guess. They should have received my application by the end of October, and it's rolling admissions. However, I. am. money. They can make room for money.

4. I decide I don't want to go to Wales, but don't want to stay at school.

Haahahahhaahaa, this one is looking more likely by the day. I wish I had applied to more places. I hope I like it there. I'm nerved. I always get what I want and I am always unhappy with what I want. It is the story of my life. This is what makes me most upset. I don't want to be a celtic fair freak! (I, honest to God, have people lined up who will kill me if this happens so if you care about me in the least or just kinda want to keep me around, you will prevent this from happening. At all costs.)

5. My school decides not to let me go.

Entirely likely. The study abroad office is positively nuts, but I'll fight it if they do something dumb like change their mind and refuse to accept the credits. I can deal with this. I'm tough. Well, really, my school has taught me that "no" doesn't really mean "no." It just means that there are some things you may have to work out.


I'm not allowed to talk about the boys coming to visit but I am considering making a paper chain to count down the days.

We're excited.

2002-11-08, Things that could go wrong.

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